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Doctor/Doctor is self love. :)

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Tencestfest Masterlist! [09 Oct 2012|05:55pm]

Hello Doctor-on-Doctor aficionados!

The Tencestfest at ten_plus_ten just finished, and we have a ton of new fic and art for Ten/TenII and Ten/TenII related OT3s. If that is something that interests you, please check out the masterlist below the cut!

to the masterlist!Collapse )
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Ten + Ten [25 Apr 2011|10:57pm]

I have a couple of Tencest manips to share. One is more fluffy, the other is more moody. I hope they amuse?


Warning for shirtless men; no nudity, but probably NSFW. Follow the jump for the full images...

(x-posted to dw_slash, sorry if you already saw it there)

Cute can be sexy, right?
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Merry Ficmas! [03 May 2010|04:10pm]
Hello, all of You. First time caller, long time listener.
That last bit's a lie, I only just found this place yesterday. Don't believe a word I say. Moving on:

Title: The Junkie

Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: Ten/TenII

Rating: R, I guess, I don't know

Notes: Hot Doctor on Doctor action! Dear Penthouse...

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Tencest Image Manip! [20 Apr 2010|11:40pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I come bearing a Ten & TenII manip. I hope it amuses.

warning: no explicit nudity, just shirtless men groping, but probably NSFW

Ten on Ten = love

(x-posted to dw_slash, apologies if you saw it there.)

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[29 Apr 2009|03:13pm]

Hi! I'm Newf. Thanks to rhube for pointing me here - she points me to all the right LJs. :D

Okay, so...

John Smith - a version of a "human" Doctor as seen in Human Nature and Family of Blood - continuing to exist in the early 20th century, and continuing to dream of impossible things, such as "this adventurer - this daredevil - a madman! The Doctor". Though comes to accept himself (quite happily) as John Smith, therefore viewing the Doctor not in first person, but in third person.

Who wouldn't fall in love with an impossible adventurer that's been haunting your dreams for years?! John can't be blamed, but if he really does imagine the Doctor to be his spitting image, then beneath all the modesty and charm, poor John Smith clearly has a narcissistic personality disorder! Then again, he may be so humble and unsuperficial that the fact that the Doctor "is" his spitting image is entirely irrelevant to how he feels. Whatever the excuse, this was a fun photomanipulation.

The Impossible CreatureCollapse )
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Fic: Forty-Six Ways (WIP) [22 Apr 2009|01:31am]


Title: (Three out of) Forty-Six Ways
Pairings: 1/10, 5/9, 6/10
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Something sweet-ish, bitter, and weird, in that order. I may be participating in necromancy here, but it would be a shame to let this comm die entirely. Have some drabbles.

It’s not like you’ll get another chance at someone who’s your intellectual equal. Not in that outfit.Collapse )
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The Doctor and John Noble Pt. 2 [15 Feb 2009|09:18pm]

Title: The Doctor and John Noble Pt. 2
Authors: shining_suicide and Elliot
Pairing: Ten/Ten II
Genres: Fluff, Pron, PSL
Warning: Language, Pron, AU!
Rating: PG for now (NC-17 later on)
Summary: John Noble wasn’t happy in that world, so he found a way back to his Doctor.
Author's Note: So here's part 2! Remember this is in role play format. Feedback much appreciated! Enjoy! ^^
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The Doctor and John Noble Pt. 1 [14 Feb 2009|03:52pm]

Title: The Doctor and John Noble
Authors: shining_suicide and demonic9yearold
Pairing: Ten/Ten II (John Noble)
Genres: Fluff, Pron, PSL
Warning: Language, Pron, AU!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: John Noble wasn’t happy in that world, so he found a way back to his Doctor.
Author’s Note: This is what comes out when my friend and I role play at wee hours of the morning! Some bits may not make sense... but who can really deny two Doctors? Feedback much appreciated! Enjoy!
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The Forbidden Awards Needs Nominations Please! [04 Jan 2009|04:27pm]

(If this is not allowed, please delete and let me know and it wont happen again )

They Need Your Nominations!

The Forbidden awards is a multi fandom awards site for fiction written by the fans.

The fandoms they cover include Doctor Who and Torchwood and have several categories.

But They Need Your Nominations for Who and TW fics please!

Behind This Cut Are The Categories and Awards On Offer:Collapse )
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[06 Nov 2008|04:52pm]

Okay, guys, I thought I'd share with you the untoward thoughts I had about the 3rd and 4th frame in the most recent 10 Doctors comic. And perhaps share this lovely adventure with those of you who hadn't seen it.

Almost certainly not intended to be slashy, but lovely all the same. Enjoy.
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Fic: Forty-Six Ways (WIP) [10 Sep 2008|07:38pm]

The first thing you must know is that I am insane. The second thing is that this comm needs every possible Doctor/Doctor pairing. Here is a set of fics which combines these two things.

Title: (Eleven out of) Forty-Six Ways
Pairings: 1/2, 1/7, 1/8, 2/3, 3/8, 3/10, 5/6, 8/7, 8/9, 8/10, 9/10
Rating: PG-13, lots of snogging and not much else really
Notes: Ranges from crack to angst to fluff and back again. If anyone else wants to contribute to this effort, please do! Perhaps post them in comments and then when I make the next post, I'll add them with a byline? Or heck, do your own set. It's fun. Promise.

Does it have to be Gallifreyan saliva?Collapse )
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MANIPULATION - Ten &Ten - Slash - Boys bits showing - NSFW [18 Jul 2008|09:56pm]

I'm new to this Com and someone at my Flist suggested I post here my new picture.


Boys this was one hard to make.
For those that didn`t watch the DW season finally this will be spoilerish, so go away now.
 Everything I do is a mistake.....me breathing is a mistake... 
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I finally produced a little Doctor/Doctor that wasn't just a manip [07 Jun 2008|11:17am]

Produced for heavenly_rain for the 500year_diary art exchange.

A little Five/Ten actionCollapse )

And because I can, I iconed it too:

x-posted to 500year_diary, leavethehaton, and my icon journal rhubicon.
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Fic: In Retrospect [18 May 2008|10:55pm]

Title: In Retrospect
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Vague for Doomsday.
Pairing: Eight/Ten
Comments: I have just read through this whole comm, and I would like to say 'thank you, I thought it was just me'. I've seen all of Ten's run, but my only exposure to Eight is the movie, so apologies for any out-of-character that may ensue.

You're on speaking terms with my TARDIS. Have I forgotten something important again?Collapse )
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I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. [06 May 2008|01:36pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

The theme over at 500year_diary this week was 'Fan Fiction' ... and I dunno, I couldn't help myself. Completely silly, completely safe for work, completely un-hot.

Cut for size and for those of you who are sickened by anime-style art.Collapse )

... erm ... and this is why I lurk. *poof*

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Fic: Timelines [02 May 2008|07:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm a little paranoid that this Comm died in the last two months and I'm the only one who hasn't noticed, or something. I guess I'm just used to livelier LJ communities.
I suppose this is my introduction to you guys?

Title: Timelines
Summary: One Doctor comes to meet another one with something unconventional in mind
Rating: PG for a bit of innuendo?
Word count: 445
Characters/pairings: Ten/Four
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Ten and Four. But I don't. Which is probably better for them both in the long run.
Author's notes: Leah showed me Doctor/Doctor in the first place, and this is kind of her fault, what with her saying, "There's no Four on timeslipping!" So, of course, like a good friend, I started to write some before she actually found some. But by then, it was too late. Apologies for potential Four OOCness. I've seen maybe two episodes.

Why not?Collapse )
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No more Basic Accounts on Live Journal [17 Mar 2008|12:44pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

That means Ads, or paying not to see ads. I don't know about anyone else around here, but the ads slow my computer down a lot, which is really really annoying.

Want to know more?

Guess what? being any form of not-straight is apparently something they frown upon, too! To wit, Bisexuality, among other words, have been removed from the LJ Popular Interests page. Link goes to a grid showing pre-strikethrough numbers and current ones.

There's a Protest being organised. If you're for it, please pass along the word!

(mods, if you disapprove, feel free to remove this post - but I figure this effects everyone, fandom, non-fandom, roleplay, etc - so I wanted to pass along the word best I could)

EDIT 1900ish EST: Apparently the Interest band has been lifted so that's at least one thing to relax about. For now. :)

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8th and 4th Doctor picture [02 Mar 2008|06:58pm]

A picture of the 8th and 4th Doctors together, clean rated, just some closeness.

behind cutCollapse )
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A Love of Self [14 Feb 2008|03:16pm]

[ mood | aroused ]

Title: A Love of Self
Rating: Adult, explicit sex
Genre: Erotica, PWP
Pairing: Eight/Eight

Summary: Somewhere, deep in the TARDIS, the Doctor is sleeping. The Doctor dreams.

Author's Notes: If one Eight is hot, 2 Eights is hotter! (Wanted to explore Eight/Eight w/o it being Eight/Zagreus or Eight chopped up into aspects of himself. Also, worked in the selflove and tenderness that the Doctor needs but so rarely shows himself.)

(x-posted to halfhumandoctor and dwfiction)

A Love of SelfCollapse )

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I blame you all... [13 Feb 2008|01:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I was going to post here to tell you all how much I love this community and all your works (especially the fanart, and especially especially anything with Eight in it). I was going to say how I'll probably never end up posting, because as much as I love Doctor/Doctor, it doesn't seem to be in me to write it.

And then my mind challenged me. It said "You've never backed down from a challenge before... write it".

So I did.

Eight/Seven. Now, the only Seven I've seen is what was in the Doctor Who TV movie and what was in the novel Lungbarrow, so forgive me if I got his character wrong. However, I did find him interesting and would like to see more with him.

Why Eight/Seven? Well, they are at the top of the page for this comm, you know? That, and well, I'm not particularly attracted to those 2 together, but I thought it would make for an interesting bit of crack, and it just seemed like fun.

The title? What's Eight plus Seven?



Title: Fifteen
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Fluff, CRACK
Pairing: Eight/Seven

Summary: Eight pays an unexpected visit to Seven.

(x-posted to halfhumandoctor, dwfiction)
FifteenCollapse )

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