orena (orenachangeling) wrote in timeslipping,

8th and 4th Doctor picture

A picture of the 8th and 4th Doctors together, clean rated, just some closeness.

Tags: eight, fanart, four
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Oh that tooth Four grin!

(Icon love btw)
Very nice.
4/8! Hhahhah, what fun. XD

And thanks for making it clean ... I gave up smut for Lent and it seems I can't look at anything anymore.

(I am not kidding about that.)

I need an "ex-Catholic... sorta" icon.


March 3 2008, 19:25:03 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  March 3 2008, 19:25:20 UTC

You give up smut as if looking at smut is a bad thing, something that is wrong or sinful and should be avoided.
Oh, man. I would like to smack the person who taught you what Lent is about. That couldn't be more wrong.

What you give up for Lent isn't to cleanse yourself of Something Bad. Rather, it's to give up something you like. Basically, it's a fast, but it doesn't always apply to food.

A friend of mine gives up candy every year. Candy isn't sinful or wrong, but it is something she'll note the absence of. My uncle gives up any 'fun' work on his sailboat. Is owning something that gets you closer to nature a sin? He'd be well and truly surprised to note that, and his grandfather, Father Raphael, might well start spinning in his grave to know that his grandson put several thousand dollars into an abomination.

I grew up in an Orthodox Christian family, and I also went to a Catholic school. Of the two, I know which one I consider to be right. Just because someone ridiculous told you something ridiculous doesn't make it right.
Oh, yeah. We sometimes did the "give up something you like" thing.

I personally think it's just the Catholic church's draconian teachings on hedonism. That being said, I still try to remember to not eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Go fucking figure.
I hope you're able to get back into it after Lent.


March 3 2008, 23:12:06 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  March 3 2008, 23:12:54 UTC

Didn't seem to have any trouble with it last year. :3 Makes you appreciate it more, I say.
Tee-hee that's cute.
Aww... Eight's all like I GOTS UR SCARFF. And Four's all like HEE.

It's cute! :-)
i like it
fabulous colouring
Lovely! :)