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I finally produced a little Doctor/Doctor that wasn't just a manip

Produced for heavenly_rain for the 500year_diary art exchange.

It's not without it's problems, but there comes a point when you just have to stop. I'm quite pleased with Ten's hair. Five isn't as good, but the source material just isn't as plentiful. He never gets more than a chaste peck on teh cheek from Nyssa, alas, and even the non-kissing pictures tend not to be of as high quality. Still, considering this is the first time I've tried to draw anyone kissing in my adult life, I don't think it went too badly...

And because I can, I iconed it too:

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I think it's quite good! I thought it was a manip from the thumbnail :D
Woo, thank you!
That's just gorgeous. You did a great job!
Thank you :o)
*stomps and whistles*

I think the lack of source material actually works quite well here for Five. He's all 'goodness, that slutty Doctor is snogging my face off and I am helpless to resist and certainly very surprised', even though we all know really he's spent the last six hours cockflaunting more than usual, and is about to grab Ten's hair and ruffle him into oblivion.

Did I mention I liked it? :)
:D You made me grin so much. He totally is a terrible cockflaunt. I'm really glad you liked it.

Damn, I seem to have deleted my timecock icon. Oh well, just have to have a little timebooty instead...
IAWTC so much, i squeed. :)
Beautifully done! *mems*
Thanks! :D
very good!
Thank you! :o)
Oooh! That's beautiful! I love it!
OMG - your icon is win. Is it nabbable?
Of course! Spread the message! :)
Oh, that's lovely. :D
Glad to please :-D

(Also, it's awesome to see an icon of mine out and about! :D)
Mmmm, delightful. And wonderfully done.
Merci! I'm glad you liked it :-D
wow, just, wow *is in awe at your mad drawing skillz*.

Very nice indeed *grins*



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Damn. That is all.