Newf (newfoundland11) wrote in timeslipping,

Hi! I'm Newf. Thanks to rhube for pointing me here - she points me to all the right LJs. :D

Okay, so...

John Smith - a version of a "human" Doctor as seen in Human Nature and Family of Blood - continuing to exist in the early 20th century, and continuing to dream of impossible things, such as "this adventurer - this daredevil - a madman! The Doctor". Though comes to accept himself (quite happily) as John Smith, therefore viewing the Doctor not in first person, but in third person.

Who wouldn't fall in love with an impossible adventurer that's been haunting your dreams for years?! John can't be blamed, but if he really does imagine the Doctor to be his spitting image, then beneath all the modesty and charm, poor John Smith clearly has a narcissistic personality disorder! Then again, he may be so humble and unsuperficial that the fact that the Doctor "is" his spitting image is entirely irrelevant to how he feels. Whatever the excuse, this was a fun photomanipulation.

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