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Time Slipping

Doctor/Doctor is self love. :)
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Just a little community for Doctor Who fanfiction that is primary Doctor-on-Doctor romance, or at least interaction. These stories may also include other relationships, but they must be properly labeled as such.

Any Doctor-on-Doctor pairings are welcome, so long as they're both from or inspired by Doctor Who.

Currently I'm all right with threesomes--if you want Nine/Rose/Ten, or Three/Sarah Jane/Four or whatever, feel free to post it if you think it fits the criteria. (A story that is Three/Sarah and Four/Sarah but not Three/Sarah/Four doesn't count, for instance, unless there's also Three/Four, or something.) Also, I will make exceptions for girl_doctor too, so long a she's paired with a previous Doctor, heh. If you want to go there, then by all means, go there. :)

This community accepts fanfiction, fanart, photomanips, icons, friends only banners, music videos, essays, intelligent discussion, and whatever your fannish heart can come up with. Please note these rules though:

.. fanfiction must be properly labeled with some sort of rating (Kid/Teen/Adult, for instance), as well as for spoilers and pairings. Please list all pairings. For instance, if your story starts Rose/Nine but eventually ends up Nine/Ten, please list it as "Rose/Nine, Nine/Ten." Fics over 100 words should be LJ-cut.

.. fanart/maips are welcome, but should always be behind an LJ-cut unless you've provided a real thumbnail (not a height resized version of the picture) to click on. If the fanart is over Teen rated, it should be behind a cut. Please label it outside the cut with some sort of rating (Kid/Teen/Adult, for instance), as well as what characters appear in it. It isn't necessary to title your fanart, but it is helpful.

.. icons should not have more than three posted outside an LJ-cut. If it is a multi-fandom post, or a general Doctor Who post with some Doctor/Doctor icons, please only include Doctor/Doctor icons in the teaser. If you only have one Doctor/Doctor icon please only use that one icon in the teaser, or save the icon until you have more to share. Failure to follow this rule will result in your post being deleted. Linking to off-community journals is perfectly acceptable, but please note which media your other icons come from, and whether or not those icons have spoilers for that media.

.. essays, discussions and such are perfectly welcome, so long as they are kept civil. Flamers will be mocked, reported, banned and deleted. I'm sure we'll do fine, but this rule is here anyway, to protect ourselves. If you see anyone trolling, please bring it to the attention of either van or uktechgirl.

.. wallpaper, LJ banners, and the like should be properly labeled and tagged for spoilers/adult nature, and placed behind LJ-cuts. Providing multiple sizes for wallpaper is highly encouraged. (800x600 and 1024x768 are the most common, but feel free to fill all niches.)

.. questions, concerns, suggestion or whatever should be directed to either van or uktechgirl. Thanks!

Wank will be mocked, reported and deleted. :)

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Marvelous layout & community icon by uktechgirl. ♥

(Moderated by van & uktechgirl.)
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