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No more Basic Accounts on Live Journal

That means Ads, or paying not to see ads. I don't know about anyone else around here, but the ads slow my computer down a lot, which is really really annoying.

Want to know more?

Guess what? being any form of not-straight is apparently something they frown upon, too! To wit, Bisexuality, among other words, have been removed from the LJ Popular Interests page. Link goes to a grid showing pre-strikethrough numbers and current ones.

There's a Protest being organised. If you're for it, please pass along the word!

(mods, if you disapprove, feel free to remove this post - but I figure this effects everyone, fandom, non-fandom, roleplay, etc - so I wanted to pass along the word best I could)

EDIT 1900ish EST: Apparently the Interest band has been lifted so that's at least one thing to relax about. For now. :)
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Personally, I do appreciate this, and was suprised not to have seen something like it all over various of my comms yet. I think the thing about the basic accounts is irritating, but fair enough, and, to an extent, merely the way of the internet; but I've been pretty disgusted about the thing with the interests.
re basic accounts: to an extent, I would have to agree - but then again, several years ago I started out with a basic, and there's no way I would have even thought about coming to livejournal (let alone ending up with several basic, plus, paid and permanent accounts pre-strikethrough) if I hadn't had the option to try it out without annoying ads first.

The interests thing, while I didn't make it the main topic of the post, definitely is more Grr ARGH! worthy - censorship is not a happy thing.
I'm sort of used to ads on the internet, and I've certainly found LJ's to be much less offensive than the average bear. *shrugs* Irritating, and maybe a poor business move, but I don't feel the need to be up in arms about it.
It's more the fact that they said they'd listen to their advisement team, that they said they'd be transparent in their dealings, and then turned around and did something without telling anyone - followed by a "well, we decided this, now we're telling you since you all were so vocal about us having not told you, sucks to be you" kind of post. *shrug*