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Fic: Timelines

I'm a little paranoid that this Comm died in the last two months and I'm the only one who hasn't noticed, or something. I guess I'm just used to livelier LJ communities.
I suppose this is my introduction to you guys?

Title: Timelines
Summary: One Doctor comes to meet another one with something unconventional in mind
Rating: PG for a bit of innuendo?
Word count: 445
Characters/pairings: Ten/Four
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Ten and Four. But I don't. Which is probably better for them both in the long run.
Author's notes: Leah showed me Doctor/Doctor in the first place, and this is kind of her fault, what with her saying, "There's no Four on timeslipping!" So, of course, like a good friend, I started to write some before she actually found some. But by then, it was too late. Apologies for potential Four OOCness. I've seen maybe two episodes.

            "What?" said the Doctor confusedly as his fourth incarnation ran into the TARDIS. "What! WH—"
            "Oh, not that again," said Four. "We've already had that."
            "Have we..." said the Doctor weakly.
            "Oh yes," said Four. "Mixed up timelines and all that nonsense. Now shut up before you start talking endlessly again and let me kiss you."
            "What?" repeated the Doctor redundantly, before what he had just said registered on him. "Talking endlessly? You're one to talk."
            "Well, yes, I suppose that was the point, wasn't it?" said Four, grinning madly at him.
            "Is there any particular reason or—"
            "Well, frankly, I remembered you from before as my most attractive regenerated form...well, except for Fourteen but she was busy. And I'm rather bored, actually, and more than a little lonely and I fancy that you are too, if I got the timelines right."
            "A bit," admitted the Doctor. "It''s been a while since--"
            "Don't tell me ANYTHING else, you'll cause a paradox!" admonished Four. "Now kiss me, I insist."
            The Doctor shrugged, gathered himself into his arms (honestly, personal pronouns got confusing when you were just TALKING to yourself, let alone about to mutu—engage in—well, do SOMETHING) and pushing the enormous scarf away from his past self's mouth, complied rather enthusiastically.
            Four tried to say something against his mouth and the Doctor stuck in his tongue to stop him. It was actually rather satisfying, especially after he'd been so rude to himself before. Well, his other self had....he hadn't...
            'Oh be quiet, will you? All your cyclical thinking is driving me to distraction,' came the cross voice of Four into his head.
            'Don't me to—' the Doctor was thinking angrily back just as Four burst in. Again.
            "Dratted timelines!" he said. "I shouldn't be here. Well, *I* should, but not this particular me. Oh Rassilon, and now I have to wait ANOTHER month for Romana to decide to go shopping again: this is really rather inconvenient."
            The Doctor, who had broken the kiss by now gave the second Four a weary look.
"How often should I expect this to happen?"
            "All the time, I should imagine," said the first Four. "After all, it seems to have worked so well the first time." The Doctor pondered, then came to what he felt was a logical conclusion.
            "Oh...well, all right," he said, grinning (and prompting both Fours to grin as well). "You can stay. Just make sure not to rip any holes in the space-time continuum while you're here, all right? I just tidied up."
            "I wouldn't DREAM of it," said the second Four as he rushed to join them.
Tags: fanfiction, four, ten
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