Rhube (rhube) wrote in timeslipping,

I finally produced a little Doctor/Doctor that wasn't just a manip

Produced for heavenly_rain for the 500year_diary art exchange.

It's not without it's problems, but there comes a point when you just have to stop. I'm quite pleased with Ten's hair. Five isn't as good, but the source material just isn't as plentiful. He never gets more than a chaste peck on teh cheek from Nyssa, alas, and even the non-kissing pictures tend not to be of as high quality. Still, considering this is the first time I've tried to draw anyone kissing in my adult life, I don't think it went too badly...

And because I can, I iconed it too:

x-posted to 500year_diary, leavethehaton, and my icon journal rhubicon.
Tags: 5/10, fanart, five, icons
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