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The Forbidden Awards Needs Nominations Please!

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They Need Your Nominations!

The Forbidden awards is a multi fandom awards site for fiction written by the fans.

The fandoms they cover include Doctor Who and Torchwood and have several categories.

But They Need Your Nominations for Who and TW fics please!

Dr. Who

The Lords and Companions Award (Best Gen)
The Vortex Climax Award (Best Het)
The Let's Play Doctor Award (Best Slash)
The Take Me To Your Doctor Award (Best Crossover)
The Brilliant Perversion Award (Best Kink)
The Just Add Jack Award (Best Group)


The Time Agent Agenda Award (Best Gen)
The Rub a Dub Hub Award (Best Het)
The Kiss and Bang Award (Best Slash)
The Raunchy Rift Award (Best Crossover)
The Spank My Poodle Award (Best Kink)
The Stop and Watch Award (Best Group)

Please head over to the community and join, or just nominate your favourite fiction for consideration by the judges.

Read the info on the profile page and nominate to your heart's desire :-)

Please remember to mention which category of fic you are nominating when you do.

The Forbidden Awards Community Is Here
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